Our Team

Meet Our Team Of Expert Analysts

Laura Cohen- Founder & Risk Management Specialist

Laura Cohen founded Laura Cohen Security Risk Management in 2018, after the company had split away from her previous start-up, where she became best known for her development of efficient and strategic screening expertise. Laura had spent about nine years working on the frontlines of the industry, where she periodically was employed in various capacities as a civilian background investigator with Sensitive Security Clearance. This professional experience taught her both how to conduct a professional grade background check and  how to protect information using state of the art information security procedures.  She also spent many years as a business analyst with a focus on analytics and profit/loss in the travel industry. Her unique background can be highly beneficial in achieving your profit margin while working with the confidence of knowing a skilled professional background investigator is prioritizing minimization of your risk. 

Jo Skarbek – Executive Assistant Risk Management Analyst

With 5 years experience working on the frontlines and behind the scenes of the industry, Jo Skarbek is Laura’s newest protégé in screening services. After graduating with honors from Canada’s top university, she has continued her studies in Criminology to hone her investigative skills in one of the most renowned Criminology programs in the country. Social justice, safety and security are at the core of Skarbek’s beliefs. Her passion for assisting providers and making the industry a safer work space has been paramount in making our team a reliable and efficient source of safety for providers throughout North America. Jo is committed to providing the highest quality of screening methods developed by Laura Cohen.