“I absolutely love working with Laura and Jo! First, I want to say that they do an awesome, thorough job! I feel completely safe in their hands. At first I wasn’t sure if this was something I wanted to do, because I’ve done my own screening for years and I felt like I did a great job on my own. But even if you do all of your own screening like I did, this is still worth every penny for the time it saves you! 
Now I dont have to spend time and brain power screening new clients, I can send the information off to Laura and I know I’ll get back all the information and more than I could ever need. And they do it quickly and efficiently. 
And since they work for you and not for clients you dont ever have to worry about their motivations! If you struggle with effective screening methods they are a life saver, but I recommend them even if you don’t for the time saving efficiency they provide! Now I get back to clients much faster and that streamlined the entire booking process. Worth every penny!”

– Alex Empire

“I can’t recommend Laura Cohen for screening enough. I had a request for a getaway that felt a bit off, but passed VH and my other screening tools. Laura found a sex offender record in minutes and potentially saved my life. Well worth the cost!”


“In this business, time is money, and bundling her fee into new client acquisition as a time saver and security measure is priceless. I highly recommend her to any lady, whether they’re new to the industry or have been doing this for decades. It’ll be the best decision you ever make that will change your day-to-day business and leave your time open for more productivity while she takes care of screening better than you ever could. Laura is an invaluable part of my business process, and any other escort should avail themselves of her services without hesitation.”

 – Ms. B

“Laura and Jo have been handling my risk management for over a year now. As a Male Provider, oftentimes the need arises for an extra degree of vetting. Whether I have asked for a soft or more comprehensive screening, each and every screening has been spot on and allows my attention to be focused on being the best Provider I can be with the assurance of a genuine risk assessment. It is important to evaluate your dates prior to meeting face to face fully vetting any potential risk. I would strongly recommend Laura and Jo.”

– Michael Antonios 

“Laura is extremely professional. I can count on her to be prompt and courteous. I appreciate her thorough screening, and the delivery in spreadsheet format is easy to read. I used to spend hours researching each client request. Time is money, however, and Laura saves me so much hassle! I trust her implicitly, and if she does not pass someone, she explains her reasoning. Laura Cohen is a fantastic resource.”

 -Taylor Belmont

“Laura Cohen Security is THE only company that I will use to help me vette anyone for their reputation of character. She and her team genuinely care about our safety. Never had I found a company that passes so few with high confidence but provides all of the information we need to make an educated decision as Laura has. Laura has gone above and beyond for me and I know she will for you too. She really, really does care.