Who is Laura?

Laura Cohen is late forty something Californian, retired companion, and former analyst with a civilian contractor which handled Sensitive Security Information level risk management related investigations for aviation and defence industry clients. 

Digging a bit deeper, Laura spent time in a different industry. At three varying times in her lifetime Laura was a successful social companion. Her work was at various times throughout her 20’s 30’s and early 40’s. Each with very different methodologies and practices. After a brutal encounter with a gentleman who Laura trusted seeing on just the basis of a reference, she realized her screening had to be completely revamped. At this point she made the decision to abandon common practices such as references and paid membership boards. Realizing she could replicate the deep background check process from her security days, Laura began to vet potential clients completely. While only 23 percent of applicants passed screening, the clients she saw now were safe, high quality repeat clients. 

After her third time coming back into the industry in her early forties, Laura realized the time had come to end her career as a companion and bring the lessons learned throughout her lifetime into screening for other companions. 

Laura launched her initial Screening business in April 2017 on Twitter developing a following with a companion first approach and a propensity for creating memes critical of hobbyists (slobbyists) who try to intimidate companions into unsafe practices, light screening and low rates.  Upon publicizing her business model, there were immediately critics and copycats. Many said a screening business that eschewed references and hobbyist board handles in favor of comprehensive identification would fail, but through detailed examination of forensic data, including criminal and sex offender records along with blacklists, Laura has been able to screen clients in throughly and accurately, giving providers the assurance they need to feel safe.

What began as a traumatic personal experience with a bad client, now has blossomed into what is now Laura Cohen Security Risk Management. If you are a companion seeking comprehensive, intensive background checks conducted by highly trained, no drama professionals who put your safety first, the Laura Cohen Security Risk Management Team may be the screeners you have been looking for.